Trimmer Line

Ellipse Nylon Line

Ellipse Nylon Line, Ellipse Twist Grass Trimmer Line

We produce full sizes of ellipse twist trimmer lines for your trimmer with good price and quality. Made from PA6 raw material using special technology,with high performance. Suitable for household and commercial use.

We are able to produce Ellipse Nylon Line in different sizes / diameter, and the goods can be packed in different packages, such as spool, blister, hang-tag and etc.

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0.08″ Twisted Trimmer Line

0.08″ Twisted Trimmer Line

Cut through grass and weeds around your home with 0.08″ Twisted Trimmer Line. It replenishes your weed-eater’s supply, and comes pre-wound for added convenience. The aerodynamic design improves performance and extends life. It also lets the line stretch and cushion upon impact.

  • Replacement 0.08″ Twisted Trimmer Line for Grass Trimmers:
    • Twisted wound spool
    • trimmer5 line for grass trimmer
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Replacement Trimmer Line

Replacement Trimmer Line

Trimmer Line Manufacturing 14

Type :String Trimmers


Power Type:Gas; Electric

Outdoor Power Equipment-Replacement Parts & Accessories

#1 Premium 5-sided Replacement Trimmer Line

  • 1.Suitable for Most Leading Trimmers and Brush Cutter
  • 2. Outstanding Impact Toughness
  • 3. Ultra Weld-resistant Performance
  • 4. Directional Aerodynamics always Presents the Cutting Blade Forward
  • 5. Premium Copolymer Formulation for Commercial ...
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