Ellipse Nylon Line

Ellipse Nylon Line, Ellipse Twist Grass Trimmer Line

We produce full sizes of ellipse twist trimmer lines for your trimmer with good price and quality. Made from PA6 raw material using special technology,with high performance. Suitable for household and commercial use.

We are able to produce Ellipse Nylon Line in different sizes / diameter, and the goods can be packed in different packages, such as spool, blister, hang-tag and etc.

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0.08″ Twisted Trimmer Line

0.08″ Twisted Trimmer Line

Cut through grass and weeds around your home with 0.08″ Twisted Trimmer Line. It replenishes your weed-eater’s supply, and comes pre-wound for added convenience. The aerodynamic design improves performance and extends life. It also lets the line stretch and cushion upon impact.

  • Replacement 0.08″ Twisted Trimmer Line for Grass Trimmers:
    • Twisted wound spool
    • trimmer5 line for grass trimmer
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Replacement Trimmer Line

Replacement Trimmer Line

Trimmer Line Manufacturing 14

Type :String Trimmers


Power Type:Gas; Electric

Outdoor Power Equipment-Replacement Parts & Accessories

#1 Premium 5-sided Replacement Trimmer Line

  • 1.Suitable for Most Leading Trimmers and Brush Cutter
  • 2. Outstanding Impact Toughness
  • 3. Ultra Weld-resistant Performance
  • 4. Directional Aerodynamics always Presents the Cutting Blade Forward
  • 5. Premium Copolymer Formulation ...
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0.065 Trimmer Line

0.065-Inch trimmer line produced in different shapes: round, twisted, square, star,or hexagon, .065 in trimmer line is long-lasting and gets the job done, it is ideal for your Patio, Lawn & Garden. Cheaper than generic per-spool trimmer line, and much tougher.

0.065 in trimmer line is the most common size for light duty use, which is available for all Weed-eater electric models.

  • .065″ diameter
  • length (can be any length, 15/50/90/100 meters, etc.)
  • Ideal for a home owner or professional.
  • Commercial grade, professional grade, ultra-professional garde
  • Grass trimmer line ...
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Watering Systems

Watering systems are necessary tool for watering the lawn. There has several watering systems:Sprinkler System, Irrigation System, Drip Irrigation, Automatic System,Soaker Hose, and etc. Below we briefly introduce the uses, advantages and disadvantages of these different watering systems.

 watering systems

Sprinkler System (Sprinkler Hose)



Larger garden beds


Probably the best benefit ...

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Best Lawn Watering

lawn watering

When and how much to water Lawn?

Mother Nature usually provides enough water through rainfall for grass to grow strong. However, there are times when rainfall needs to be supplemented, such as with newly planted lawns or extended periods of heat and drought. Lawn watering plays an important part ...

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Organic Lawn Fertilizers

organic lawn fertilizersThe two basic types of organic lawn fertilizer that are used on lawns: natural organics and synthetic organics.

The term synthetic organic is primarily a reference to “urea”, the nitrogen source found in most synthetic organics. Urea can be altered through chemical reactions with other chemicals to produce different varieties ...

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Lawn Care Tools

lawn care toolsThere’s no doubt that having the right lawn care tools makes routine lawn maintenance much easier.

The proper tools allow you to get the job done more quickly and with less effort.

But there is such a vast array of specialist tools on the market that it can be hard to know which ones you really ...

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