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7 Tips To Buy Weed Eater

In making our selection we’ve avoided cheap weed eaters because of questionable durability. Whether you’re looking for a machine for general yard and garden duties, or more serious landscape management, you need to know it will do the job every time you reach for it. Before shop the right weedeater for your garden & lawn, we list below several considerations for your reference:

weed eater for lawn

#1 How big your garden & lawn is?

The challenge with choosing the best weed eater is that the answer depends on what you want it to do. If you have a small yard, do you really need a gas-powered machine? On the other hand, you should buy a corded machine if you’ve got several acres to keep under control. By any measure, it’s an excellent machine. It starts easily, runs almost vibration-free, and will tear through just about anything that gets in its way. It’s big, but it’s not some fearsome monster that’s only safe in the hands of a pro. Nobody who buys one will be disappointed.

#2 Efficiency

Balance and comfort are vital in a good weed whacker. All machines vibrate to some extent, but good ones are well damped. Light-weight models might only need a top-mounted handle for good control, but with bigger machines some kind of shoulder harness would help with support and allow you to work for extended periods. 

#3 Features

Weed whackers are basically quite simple machines, so small things like spool type, power-saving devices, and easy starting systems can make big differences. We’ll look at what you get with each and whether it’s worth the money.

#4 Design

A straight-shaft line trimmer is perfect for those who want to destroy the weeds in their yard, and some of these trimmers come loaded with extras to make the job easier. Each of the weed whackers on our list include adjustable handles, but only a few include a shoulder strap – both of these features can help reduce strain as you carry the tool around your yard.

Several models we tested are capable of accepting attachments, so you can turn your trimmer into an edger, brush cutter, pole saw and other tools if you purchase the proper attachments.

#5 Price

You can buy a grass trimmer for under fifty bucks, but in our view, you’d be taking a risk. We couldn’t recommend something that we think has inherent flaws, as for weed wackers, we recommend quality over cost. Having said that, you certainly don’t have to break the bank to get a good tool for the job!


#6 Warranty & Support

It’s important to know how long your weed whacker is covered by a warranty. Also, you should be able to download a manual from the manufacturer’s website in the event you lose the physical one. Support is necessary if you have any questions about the warranty, and customer service representatives can help walk you through the operation of your weed whacker and suggest a nearby service center if you need your trimmer repaired.

#7 More about choose the right weed eater

The two most important functions of a line trimmer are efficacy and efficiency. A trimmer should be powerful enough to cut through the brush in your yard with only a few passes and quick enough that you can be back on your porch enjoying the fruits of your labor. We tested each trimmer in a controlled environment to determine which tools performed best.

We measured the decibel levels of each trimmer running at full throttle so you know if certain precautions, such as hearing protection, are needed when using these tools.

In addition to the sound, efficiency and efficacy scores, we enlisted the help of several testers of varying height, weight and strength to determine how balanced and heavy each weed whacker feels. Exposure to vibrations for a long period of time can be potentially damaging, so we also asked the testers to rate the level of vibrations they experienced while using the weed whackers.

After several of these tests, we were able to determine which tool works best for tall, strong users, which trimmer was the most comfortable to use that didn’t leave us feeling shaky and which tool would be best for those of smaller stature with smaller hands. Our tests also revealed the tools that aren’t able to eradicate thicker weeds but that might work well for your yard if you don’t require a more powerful engine.

It will be much easier for you to choose the right weed eaters or weed whackers or line trimmers, so be sure to read through the reviews to find the gas-powered, straight-shaft weed whacker that works you.

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