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Mow The Lawn: The Definitive Guide

mow the lawn

Mowing Definition

Mowing in the Bible:  Rendered in Ps. 72:6 “mown grass.” The expression “king’s mowings” (Amos 7:1) refers to some royal right of early pasturage, the first crop of grass for the cavalry (comp. 1 Kings 18:5).

Lawn mowing, commonly known ...

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Best Time of Day to Mow the Lawn

mow the lawnThere are different opinions on the best time to mow the lawn,some people prefer the morning to the afternoon, however, some mowers say there is no best time of mowing. Forget about this point. There has two main suggestions on this.

#1 Mid-morning (8:00-10:00am)

There are some ...

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