PetSafe Boundary Wire 1000 feet



PetSafe Boundary Wire 1000 feet, guide wire, suitable for lawn mower. Heavy duty automower boundary cable.

boundary wire

  • 2.7MM Type Boundary Wire
    1.0 mm2: 32/0.20TC PE 2.1MM
    1.0 mm2 : 20/0.25TCCA PE 2.6mm
    0.82mm2: 26/0.2TC PE 2.7MM
    1.42mm2: 29/0.25TC PE 2.7MM
    1.42mm2: 29/0.25TCCA PE 2.7MM
  • 3.4MM Type Boundary Wire
    1.0 mm2: 32/0.20TC PE 3.5MM
    1.17mm2: 24/0.25TC PE 3.4MM
    1.42MM2: 29/0.25TC PE 3.4MM

TC: Tinned Copper
TCCA: Tinned Copper Clad Aluminum

Length of boundary wire: 1000 feet, or can be customized

Available accessories: 8.5mm Plastic Peg,3M 314 connector and 3M 952 connector.

In addtional: Petsafe in ground fence boundary wire break locator

boundary wire accessories


Paper Reel: 100M/150M/250M
Plastic Reel: 250M/500M/800M
Coloful Box: 50M/100M/150M
Other OEM Package


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