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No matter you are a lawn worker or not, it is good to know important solutions and techniques about your lawn needs.
To build a healthy and green lawn is not a easy job, but it can be done by everyone who do it in the right way.lawn resources

In order to have a better lawn, you must know below things:
How Grass Grows?
Choosing Lawn Grasses
How to Mow the Lawn properly?
When to Fertilize Your Lawn?
Best Time to Watering Your Lawn
Preventing or Knowing How to Treat Lawn Diseases
And so on...

Briefly saying: Knowing grass very well. How to handle the potential issues that can arise. Being able to identify what types of grass are common to your area or what treatments are most effective are two integral parts of keeping your yard healthy year-round. The experienced professionals at Lawn Doctor have collected these lawn maintenance resources to help make sure you are equipped with the information you need to keep your lawn looking its best. Below Lawn Resources for your reference.

Lawns : Yard and Garden : University of Minnesota Extension

Information from University of Minnesota experts on general home lawn care, starting a new lawn, repairing or renovating a lawn, mowing lawns, watering lawns


Explore Cornell – Home Gardening – Lawn Care Library

Quick tips for a healthier lawn. You don’t have to become a lawn expert to have a healthy lawn. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll be well on your way.


The Lawn Institute

Find out more on the benefits of lawns, different types of grasses and their care tips & guidelines.

Hear from experts and find out what other homeowners are asking and learning about in the tips and forums of this helpful website.


Project EverGreen

This nonprofit group offers tips and facts on why keeping green spaces well-maintained are so important.


Local Agricultural Cooperative Extension office lookup

Find and contact your local Agricultural Cooperative Extension office for detailed information about your area’s climate and environmental conditions.


National Pest Management Association

Dedicated to helping you protect your property and your family’s health, this nonprofit organization provides up-to-date information about lawn pests and pest issues in your area.


Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment (RISE)

This nonprofit Web site provides science-based information about the responsible use of pesticides to manage the threat pests pose to human health and safety.

The UC Guide to Healthy Lawns

Part of the University of California’s extensive UC IPM Online: Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program site. Includes pages on identifying and choosing a grass, establishing and caring for new lawns, pest management, and more.


“Diseases of Warm Season Grasses (PDF format)” Aug. 1995.

— Lucas, Leon T. and Arthur H. Bruneau, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

Don’t be put off by the date on this site. It’s got pictures, graphs showing seasonal incidence of each disease, and excellent, mostly organic advice about dealing with problems.




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