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To choose the right trimmer line for your trimmers!

This is an article teach you how to use the right trimmer line

There has many different line weights and diameters of trimmer lines,strimmer line,weed eater line,trimmer string. Each trimmer can only handle a certain line diameter, kindly check your trimmer’s manual for specific recommendations firstly. A larger diameter will increase your cutting power and durability against thicker grasses and weeds. A lighter weight should be used on areas where there are a minimum of weeds.

Below introduction of how to use the right Grass Trimmer/Edger Spool lines for different application for your reference:

Light Work: Residential front and back lawns with lighter weeds.

Medium Work: Larger back and front lawns or lawns with heavier weeds and light commercial work.

Heavy work: Industrial landscaping, large yards, golf courses and other areas that need a large amount of trimming.

Diameter Size of trimmer lines:

Light-medium work: 0.65 inches – 0.80 inches

Medium-heavy work: 0.85 inches – 0.105 inches

Very heavy work: 0.110+ inches


Many consumers are looking for low price, but searching for the right trimmer line is rather important, we always give customers good advices on the prices and products. Contact us now.trimmer line

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