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10 Top Tools Used For Gardening

tool used for gardening

A garden tool is any one of many tools made for gardens and gardening and overlaps with the range of tools made for agriculture and horticulture. There has many different gardening tools in the market, some tools are good but unnecessary, some tools are important and necessary as well, ...

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Must-Read Gardening Safety Tips

Gardening Safety Tips & Tool

Whether you are a beginner or expert, health and safety are always important.

There has garden health and safety tips for kids as well. If you’re careful, you can enjoy the benefits of your garden in good health. Ignoring safety precautions and using the wrong tool for the job are common causes of injuries. Safety tips to help you be safe and successful in your garden. Practice the following safety ...

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Mow The Lawn: The Definitive Guide

mow the lawn

Mowing Definition

Mowing in the Bible:  Rendered in Ps. 72:6 “mown grass.” The expression “king’s mowings” (Amos 7:1) refers to some royal right of early pasturage, the first crop of grass for the cavalry (comp. 1 Kings 18:5).

Lawn mowing, commonly known ...

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Garden & Lawn Resources | The Best Lawn Care Resource

No matter you are a lawn worker or not, it is good to know important solutions and techniques about your lawn needs.
To build a healthy and green lawn is not a easy job, but it can be done by everyone who do it in the right way.lawn resources

In order to have a better lawn, you must know below things:
How Grass ...

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Best Time of Day to Mow the Lawn

mow the lawnThere are different opinions on the best time to mow the lawn,some people prefer the morning to the afternoon, however, some mowers say there is no best time of mowing. Forget about this point. There has two main suggestions on this.

#1 Mid-morning (8:00-10:00am)

There are some ...

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Mowing Wet Grass

mowing wet grass

Mowing wet grass is never a easy job to do, it is a common knowledge for a person that not mowing grass when wet, clipping grass while it is dry is the preferred practice. Because grass is bend over because of the weight of the rain, which makes it difficult ...

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7 Tips To Buy Weed Eater

In making our selection we’ve avoided cheap weed eaters because of questionable durability. Whether you’re looking for a machine for general yard and garden duties, or more serious landscape management, you need to know it will do the job every time you reach for it. Before shop the right weedeater for your garden & lawn, we list below several considerations for your reference:

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4 Steps To Replace Trimmer Line

It is easy to refill or replace the trimmer line and spools? A string trimmer is an extremely important garden tool that can help you keep your grassy areas neat and clean. However, string trimmer line can often break and new lines may need to be inserted. It is usually wound tightly on a spool and as you use to cut the grass, it continues to wear out till it completely breaks off. New cord is usually fed into the spool, and the spool releases ...

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11 tips to use string trimmer efficiently

The string trimmer is one of the most common garden tool nowadays, how to use grass trimmer efficiently and safely?

Before you start, refresh yourself on some trimmer safety tips to prevent major injury from happening when using your weed wacker.

#1 Before Starting

string trimmerCheck the weather, if it is raining or the grass ...

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Five things to make your trimmer line better

To get your trimmer line perform at its very best next season, we list five things for keeping trimmer line in high performance for your reference.Trimmer Line is known as strimmer line, weed eater line,string, weed whacker line. Time is money, and when commercial landscapers find themselves spending more and more time adjusting, replacing or repairing trimmer line, it starts to cost money! One of the easiest ways to keep a string trimmer performing starts with the trimmer line ...

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