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Best Time of Day to Mow the Lawn

mow the lawnThere are different opinions on the best time to mow the lawn,some people prefer the morning to the afternoon, however, some mowers say there is no best time of mowing. Forget about this point. There has two main suggestions on this.

#1 Mid-morning (8:00-10:00am)

There are some pros that say mid-morning is the optimum time of day to mow the lawn. They consider that in the morning after the dew dries up. Due to the lawn needs time to heal before evening, that the freshly shorn grass blades are susceptible to fungus and disease and really need the benefit of the day to dry and heal before evening sets in. 

This is when it is waking up and could take on the most stress. Its efforts during the day could be geared toward repairing the cut portion. Whereas in the evening, the grass has used up most of its energy during the day and hence would be in a weakened state.

Mid-morning is not full sun yet and some shade so it work out great. After a long day of work the last thing on your mind is cutting the grass. I have cut prior to work but like I said the grass clumps and makes a mess of my reel mower and I’m afraid wet grass + steel mower will be a rust situation I’d rather avoid since this is a new mower.

Mowing the lawn on the morning may cause disturbance for your neighbors. How to minimize disturbance and maximize efficiency? (made by

We have to select the best time to mow your lawn around 8am to 10am. Because it’s not too hot for physical exertion, and it’s late enough that the morning dew has dried. What’s more, any of your neighbors will have already left for work or school, so you shouldn’t be causing too much of a disruption.mow the lawn

#2 Afternoon

If your only options are early morning or late afternoon (due to work schedule) then I would say late afternoon when it cools off a bit and that will leave more growth to help keep the lawn cool during the day. When temperatures are starting to cool down and many neighbors will still be out of the house. Mowing much later than 6pm is a bad idea, as your lawn is most susceptible to fungus and other diseases. My mower doesn’t cut as well(more jagged edges and front wheels push grass down) and also doesn’t mulch as well (not an issue with your mower) on wet grass.

Some people like do the job in the afternoon- Mowing the lawn early enough that you’re finished with enough time before the sun goes down to sit and relax outside and smell the fresh cut grass.

Some prefer to mow the lawn later-at evening after 6:00 PM depending on how long it takes you. The evening / night dew will serve as a ‘soother’ to the newly cut blades. Plus…it’s always cooler in the evening. That’s better for you and the beer should be cold by then for the post-cutting pride session (standing there looking at your lawn while you sip the beer).

After you cut grass, it needs time to heal. Water helps disease spread. Put the two together and you increase your chances of problems.

In conclusion, you don’t have to feel guilty if you mow the lawn at above mentioned optimal times. There has vary types of grass and temperature,which will require different trimming time.

The mid-morning 8:00-10:00AM is the best time in general area.

best time to mow the lawn

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